ALEN BreatheSmart F700 HEPA Silver Carbon Filter

  • #1 Rated Premium Air Purifier on the Market Today!
  • Meets & Exceeds EPA/WHO PM2.5 Compliancy
  • Certified H12 Grade HEPA Filtration
  • Highest Effeciency Rating & Largest Tested Coverage
  • Lowest Power Consumption
  • SmartSensor2 Technology (AUTOmatic EPA PM2.5 mode)
  • WhisperMax Ultra-Quiet Operation

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Product Description

Product details of ALEN BreatheSmart F700 HEPA Silver Carbon Filter

ALEN BREATHESMART F700 HEPA Silver Carbon Filter
With SmartSensor Technology 2.0, your BreatheSmart F700 comes with several different sensitivity levels to purify your air. The BreatheSmart F700 comes standard with our patent pending sensitivity algorithm, which automatically adjusts your SmartSensor to the appropriate sensitivity level based on the air quality in your environment.

Or you can manually set the sensitivity level to US, or Asian air quality levels. SmartSensor Technology is built to improve air quality in even the most challenging environments. The BreatheSmart F700 takes care of you and your family by adjusting airflow automatically to improve air quality levels. In addition, the Smart Filter Life Timer tells you exactly when to change your filter.

By factoring in airflow, duration of use, how dirty your air is and which filter you are using, the Smart Filter Life Timer maximizes your filter life and saves you money. WhisperMax Technology allows the BreatheSmart F700 to provide maximum air cleaning while still maintaining a quiet, peaceful environment utilizing a specialized fan and air chamber. Space-saving design means the BreatheSmart F700 measures smaller than most air purifiers of comparable airflow, giving you the improved air qualtiy you need without having to sacrifice space.

How does the BreatheSmart F700 Clean the Air?

With the next generation of SmartSensor Technology, the BreatheSmart F700 comes with several different sensitivity settings. This allows you to set your air purifier to the sensitivity for both US or China air quality levels. Based on these sensitivity levels, the BreatheSmart F700 turns itself up or down depending on the air quality detected.

In addition to automatic operation, SmartSensor Technology also includes our advanced Smart Filter Life Timer, which keeps your filter replacements on schedule. By factoring in airflow, duration of use, how dirty your air is and which filter you use, the Smart Filter Life Timer helps maximize your filter life and saves you money. Two air exchanges per hour are provided by the BreatheSmart F700’s powerful filtration in spaces up to 1000 sq ft. One full air exchange means all the air within a specified area has passed through the air purifier.

The F700 HEPA type filtration (H12 Grade) combines four different filter technologies. Polluted air first passes through a washable Pre-Filter, capturing large particles. Air then moves through HEPA type material where 99.9% of PM2.5 and 99% of PM0.3 are captured. Next, an antimicrobial layer on the HEPA media kills captured germs & microbes.

Finally, the air passes through the activated carbon layer which filters out household chemicals, VOCs, odors and pollution. Testing performed by our experts shows air quality decreases significantly after only two hours of turning off your air purifier. We recommend running your air purifier 24/7 to maintain the purest air possible. Filter changes are needed every 10-12 months when following this recommendation.

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