Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro

  •  Original Xiaomi smart air purifier is great for your daily use
  • Accurate laser sensor, it can quickly eliminate dust
  •  The purification area is around 60 square meters
  • The indication light shows the air quality
  • APP control, easy to know the air quality
  • With OLED display, convenient to use
  • You can scan the QR code to download the APP, the QR code is in the user manual
  • Voltage: 220V

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Product Description

It is the Newest version Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro , it is much stronger than the xiaomi air purifier 2 version ..

xiaomi air purifier 2                         xiaomi air purifier pro

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Large space, fast cycle,More powerful purification capacity
We enjoy the quality of life, the last is the pursuit of health. Every moment of breath, for a good body is very important, eat fresh, diligent exercise, but also inseparable from the clean air as a basis, In order to truly your quality of life, a Xiaomi air purifier Pro came into being, it has up to 500 m after/h particle CADR, application area of up to 60 m squared, using a new OLED display screen and high precision laser particle sensor, “bringing new of healthy living!
500 m/h CADR large cycle! Indoor air quickly a new look
New Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro optimizes The Air boost system to create a CADR of up to 500 m after/h of particulate matter. The Unique tower design, so that The rapid formation of The indoor Air 360 ° cycle, a Unique indoor “Air tree”, adsorption dust, PM2.5, formaldehyde and other substances, As if The room is full of fresh forest Air, so you stay at home, feel The technology brings pure Air and quality of life.
New air power system, so pure and surging
Xiaomi air purifier Pro in a quiet accompany you, still continue to create the clean air for you, which is entirely dependent on a surging “core”, which is composed of fan and wind tunnel combination, due to optimization of the air duct and the design, so that the air pressure -, in order to your adsorption of air pollution to filter purification.
High – quality activated carbon
Remove formaldehyde, she and other high – quality cylindrical activated carbon, with a large surface area, well – developed pore structure, adsorption capacity, uniform particle distribution, wear To hold the and other characteristics, To your better adsorption effect, greatly improving the product purification capacity
60m squared large space! Small footprint, large capacity
Quality of The space includes The subtle refinement of living, The living room with floor – to – between Windows, your private office, The moody cafe, The art gallery… And all the comfort of the air. In order to make the air more clean space, Xiaomi air purifier Pro In the previous generation millet air purifier 37 m squared of the applicable area, once again upgraded to extend the applicable area to 60 m squared. For the health of large space to dojo.provide more efficient air purification protection.
New OLED display, accurate display of real – time air quality and the work status
Let the breath of air quality at any time to see, the new Xiaomi air purifier Pro innovative addition to an OLED screen, as the indoor air quality display center. The PM2.5 concentration, temperature and humidity, wi-fi connection and gear Settings feature set in one, so you can keep abreast of indoor air quality changes, intuitive perception of temperature and humidity.
High – precision laser sensor, gold eyes, impurities nothing to hide


With technology to every little detail, life will become more refined, With the addition of a high – precision laser sensor, the M – family Air Pro cessor Pro – has a pair of “eyeballs” that can see the microscopic world and accurately distinguish particles as small as 0.3 microns [4], fast real – time response, instantaneous feedback Data, accurately reflect the Air quality.


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